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  1. Introduction

    Om Asset Management, a newly established company for online marketing which is cheapest and more cost reductive with full information’s, seeks to establish a strong presence in the real property Management. The www.propertyonad.com is a professionally managed Real Asset Management website with or without agent based that represents promoters and buyers in an organized and transparent platform, by adding unique features in Nepalese real estate business.

    Our priority lies in understanding your needs, giving advice accordingly by matching the perfect property within your budgets and requirements. In addition, we also facilitate a transparent buyer-seller agreement to ensure smooth transfer of property within shortest period of time. By infusing intelligence and innovation into the way people search for property, find a buyer, tenant or locate an expert, we create a unique property experience for all our customers.

    If you are looking for some property to buy, rent or lease, you can simply post your requirement here & you will get a response as soon as possible matching your requirements. If you have some property which you want to sell or want to give out for rent, lease, you are the right person to post your property deal right here to get the best deal. With a great data and property management system we offer the best real estate consultancy which meets all the demands of our customers.

    Properties of different categories like House, Bungalow, Land, Flats, Apartments, Commercial building are listed or advertised and allow to search, buy, rent or lease. Property owners list their properties for sale or rent; developers and builders list to advertise their projects to a global audience.

  2. Vision

    We aim to provide total quality services to our clients with deep study of the realty market and a comparative analysis of the available properties in Nepal. We simplify the buyer’s problem of finding the right property and a seller’s problem of finding the right client which ultimately connects right people for right Property.

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    To facilitate promoters, developers, property buyers, sellers and other firms in Nepal’s real estate industry by simplifying property dealings through world-class service, with deep industry knowledge, competent workforce and adequate resources.

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